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Pneumatics Repair and Applications

Pneumatics Systems and Pneumatic Repairs

In the fluid power world, the two most common applications highly recommended throughout the industry are hydraulics and pneumatics. Each application has the specific uses that allow them to utilize their clever design to help the industries efficiency. Both hydraulics and pneumatics systems come with their pros and cons in their respected field but before comparing the differences between the 2, we need to understand the practical applications of pneumatic systems to understand what they do and how they are used as an integral part of the industry.

Pneumatic repairs

Pneumatics Explained

The majority of pneumatic systems use air compressors to help reduce air volume, this simultaneously increases the pressure of the gas and how this motion can be used to perform engineering tasks explains the study of pneumatics. Pneumatic devices have many functions and applications that are implemented across many different fields that you wouldn’t expect require a pneumatic system, so pneumatics repairs have become a thriving industry.

Pneumatic systems advanced technology allows these systems to be used in industries such as material handling, mining and constructions work, machining and many many more. But you may be asking yourself if they are used so frequently across multiple industries where can they be seen and where are they used and what pneumatic repairs are required. Exercise machines, vacuums, brakes, power tools and office chairs are everyday items that all use and require pneumatic systems to function correctly, that you may not have even notice.

Differences between Pneumatics and Hydraulic systems




Confined pressurized systems that use moving air or other gases Confined pressurized system that use moving liquids
Because gases can be compressed there is a delay in the movement, the force Liquids are not very compressible, there is no delay in the movement
Need for compressor,

pressures ranging from 80–100 pounds per square-inch

1,000–5,000 psi or more than 10,000 psi for specialised applications

Pneumatic Repairs

One of the most substantial benefits of pneumatic systems when compared to hydraulics is the cost and life span of pneumatic systems. hydraulics equipment can be much more expensive compared to pneumatic systems, almost as much as twice the price of pneumatic equipment. So, it is important to no be negligible when I come to maintenance and pneumatic repairs for every system. Some of the more common pneumatic repairs can be prevented with regular attention and maintenance.

These common pneumatics repairs are;   


  • Valves control pressure, flow to an actuator, or quantity of the flow. The failure of a pneumatic valve can have detrimental effects on the whole system and the failure of the valve can stop the entire system
  • Pneumatic cylinder repairs – There are many common symptoms to check which may lead to the need of pneumatic repairs in the future including; the actuator moving too slowly, cylinder drifting out of position, erratic cylinder movement and seals are visibly leaking

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